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=○ customization options ○=

When you place an order, you have the option of choosing from several customization options. The following list represents only a small sample of what can be modified on all our masks, if you have any doubts/suggestions do not hesitate to contact us!
With some exceptions, all our colors are at the same price. The latter is included in the basic price of our masks.
It is not possible to order a mask to paint yourself. 
Arabesques, geometric/rough finger patterns, kabuki/tribal/clan/war paintings, bloody maw...etc
Color of your choice (matte, iridescent or glittery)

from 5€ to 30€ depending on the quantity and difficulty
Option motifs.png
Light engraving that can be accompanied by abiwalls on the edges of the leather.
from 1 to 3 scars = 5€
+2€/ additional scar
Option cicatrice.png
Apparent fangs
A leather canine on each side. Possible broken fang. 
15€ the pair
Option paire de crocs.png
rows of fangs
Dentitionsuperior  in leather. The number of teeth varies depending on the mask model.
Option rangée de crocs.png
Nylon. Several colors are available: transparent, white, gray and black. On the painted leather masks, the addition of whiskers will require  to make small holes in the leather to implant them.
15€ the set of 12 vibrissae
Option moustaches.png
Jewelery holes
If you want to hang your own jewelry yourself. If you order custom rings or jewelry from us, the holes are included.
Option trous pour bijoux.png
Metal rings
Different sizes and colors available (gold, silver and bronze)
from 3 to 6€/ring
Option anneaux.png
In leather, bone, wood, wooden, ceramic or glass beads, natural feathers... etc.
From 10€
Option bijoux.png
from 40€ to 120€ the pair
Composition personnalisée.png
Personalized hairstyle
Dreadlocks, braids, faux fur bands, mohawk infake fur. Buckle strap included.
No free hair or very sophisticated hairstyle.
From 100€
Option coiffure.png
Buckle strap
A leather strap with a buckle replacing the basic laces.
Our larger mask models (dragons, bull, deer...etc) come with a strap by default.
Option sangle à boucle.png
Jawlower fixed or articulated
Option mâchoire.png
Ears + Partial Fluffy for Skulls
Available for all skull models. Add a pair of fluffy ears to the mask, as well as a strip of fur around the edges. 
Option fluffy partiel crânes.png
Added partial fluffy
Need eyebrows, a beard or a mane for your mask? This option is there for that. 
from 15€ to +80€
Option fluffy partiel.png
Hair decoration
Braids, feathers, beads, bones, piece of fur, fangs... the possibilities are endless. This option is mainly for fluffy models.
From 15€
Option décoration capillaire.png
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