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=○ Place Order ○=

For a good understanding between craftsmen and customers, I invite you to read the paragraphs below.  You will find the form  to order at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to email or personal message us on Facebook for any ambiguity.
You can also use the " Contact " part of the site.

= How we operate =  

Please take the ordering periods into account!
Open from 2 to 15 November
Next session :  Spring 2021

• Communication =  Orders are taken via the email or the Facebook page during the ordering periods. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  The response time varies depending on whether our job  time is more or less full, we ask you to be patient and not to re-send your message every day (spam is really nasty!). No messages are left unanswered, so don't worry. 

In the event that you really don't have any news, don't hesitate to follow up. It may be that your message got lost in the depths of the voicemail.

• Validation and Payment =  An estimate is validated after payment of a deposit of 30% of the advertised price (non-refundable). This is a commitment for both you and us, and puts you on our waiting list. You have the possibility to spread the payment of your order as you wish, but be aware that the desired part will not be delivered to you.  only after payment of the full price. The shipping costs are your responsibility.  We accept bank transfers and Paypal.

• Refused =  We reserve the right to refuse any  requests that would not suit or inspire us. We are above all artists, and when there is no inspiration ... there is no production  ! Either way try, we have big ideas, and you are unlikely to be turned down.

= Form = 

Send to the workshop email address:  or by personal message on our Facebook .

Remove the italicized paragraphs before sending, they are only there to tell you what we expect per section.  

Name and first name =

Email address =

Delivery address =  Can be communicated at the time of sending.                                           

Phone =  Preferred mobile (We note it on the package)

Referring object (s) =  Optional -  If your order relates to one or more of  our creations  existing. 

Descriptions / Wishes =  Give us a basic idea, a theme, a color theme, dimensions, a sketch, an illustration ... etc  Or tell us about your character  : its race, its class, its alignment, the outstanding elements of its history… In short, here is a little free time. The important thing is to describe  your project. The more precise you are, the more we can meet your expectations.  Note, however, that we always keep a part of our own creativity on the project in order to stay in the aesthetic and graphic line of the workshop. If you have a particular color in mind and to avoid confusion in its nomination, please refer to this site and send us the code (s) in the format # 123456. 

Budget =  Optional -  If you have an idea of the budget you are willing to set aside for this project. It can be really useful to let us know when you first make contact, because we can adapt our service to your budget in certain cases. 

Others =  Optional -  If you have other details (eg: demanding deadlines), if you want to tell us how you got to know the workshop, or make a declaration of love to us… etc it's here!

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