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=○ lower jaws ○=

Fixed lower jaw
Added a fixed, unremovable lower jaw.
Available for all models of skulls, humanoids, dragons and for many animals only in fluffy version (wolf, bear, tiger, crow, bull...).
The lower dentition (leather) is included in the price for humanoids and skulls. Since fluffy animals will have their jaws closed, there is no need to put teeth in them. 
55€+ depending of the model
Mâchoires inférieures fixes.png
Mâchoires inférieures fixes 2.png
Articulated lower jaw
Added an articulated lower jaw, which follows your jaw movements.
Available for certain models only: Bull, Goat, Deer, Crow, Western Dragon, Raptor
250€ on average
Mâchoires inférieures mobile 2.png
Mâchoires inférieures mobile 1.png
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