Precautions and maintenance:

♦ Leather does not like water. Avoid ending up in the rain with your mask as much as possible!

♦ If your mask gets wet, remove the water and simply let it air dry.
♦ If your mask is soggy and has become "soft", place it next to a source of mild heat (eg heater) being careful not to deform it.
It will harden again in a few hours. 
♦ There is no need to grease your mask. Only parts subject to strong mechanical stresses need to be, which is not the case with a mask. 

It would just darken the colors.

♦ After having suffered several bad weather conditions with your mask, you can put two coats of water-repellent solution and one coat of varnish again in order to renew the protection that we applied initially. 

(Eco-Flo brand products) 
♦ You can apply transparent shoe polish to restore shine of the colors. 

Bare leather

♦ We invite you to refer

advice on bare leather for everything related to exposure with water.

♦ It will sometimes be necessary to brush your fluffy to make it regain its initial appearance. To do this, bring a brush for small dogs  ( see the recommended model ) that you will find in supermarkets or in pet stores.
Position the notches of the brush so that they do not scratch the weft of the fake fur. They should flex effortlessly when you start brushing.  If your fluffy is losing a lot of hair while you brush it, and brushing is laborious, you are in the wrong way! Brushing should be easy, and the bristles should be almost absent from the notches of your brush when you're done. 
♦ For stains, try removing most of the stain with a sponge and clean water. CAUTION: If you rub the painted areas, you may remove some of the paint. Be careful!