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= ○ Shamanic headdresses ○ =

Price: Only on Estimate

It is impossible for us to define a base price for this type of creation because of the great variety of composition possibilities. Keep in mind, however, that the materials used represent a certain cost and that assembly takes a long time.

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What can I choose to customize  my headdress? :

♦ Materials:
You will have the choice between many subjects which you can find the list in the box on the right.

♦ The design:
You have just as much the possibility of giving us carte blanche based on a theme (eg: fire, fox ... etc) as of providing us with sketches (or other references) in order to help us define the appearance. of your future headdress. 

♦ The dominant colors:

Thanks to many elements, we can bring out one or more colors in particular.   

♦ Fur or faux fur? :
You have the choice between the two, but know that the manufacture of faux-fur elements (ex: wolf's paw) is in most cases just as expensive as the job.  from its natural equivalent. The rendering will in any case be less authentic with fake than with the real one, despite the quality of our fake furs.  

List of materials  :

This list is there to guide you, it is impossible for us to list all our stock. Some materials may be temporarily out of stock, whether with us or our suppliers.

None of the options listed are mandatory. 

♦ Mask:
You can choose any skull mask  from our catalog to serve as a base for your headdress. In this case, we will make sure that you can wear your creation both as a mask and as a headpiece.

♦ Fur:
You have the choice between a large panel: fox  (red, silver, polar ... etc) , coyote, hybrid (coyote x wolf)  reindeer, fallow deer, lynx (CITES) , black bear  (CITES) , wild boar, rabbit, golden jackal, badger and  goat. If the animal you are looking for is not in this list, send us a message, we will try to find it.

♦ Bones:

We have deer, roe deer, fox, coyote and badger in skull form  or scattered bones (eg ribs, vertebrae, tibias, etc.).
Skull only: American mink, marten, beaver, lynx (CITES) , black bear  (CITES) , wild boar. We don't have everything in stock. 

♦ Pearls:

Enamelled ceramics, wood, coconut, bone, glass.

♦ Fangs and Claws:
Coyote and fox fangs, and beaver incisors. Fox and bear claws.

♦ Feathers:

We have many, many different feathers, most of which we collect ourselves (collection). If you want feathers, we will send you pictures when you take a quote.

♦ Horns and antlers  :

We only have deer in stock. However, you can ask us for a specific animal and we will see if it is possible to find any.

♦ Wool, ropes and yarns  :

We can make braids or fringes from our yarns spun and dyed (or not)  by hand.
We only use natural strings and ropes (cotton, hemp, linen, jute ... etc).

♦ Elements modeled by hand:

You can order special hand-molded milliput parts from us  (very solid resin) or fimo (polymer clay). 
We can also engrave or hole the elements in bone or wood.  

♦ Paintings:

You can ask us for painted elements or patterns on the different supports of your headdress.

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Some examples:

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